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Worried about your health? A good number of doctors around the world are already providing online consultation

Why wait? It’s super easy to consult a doctor online and get digital prescriptions on your phone!

About Us

Access to reliable healthcare is a fundamental human right and we want to do our part in making that a reality. Our vision is to create a telemedicine platform, with top class doctors who will provide high quality care for people across the world.

We have created a SaaS based platform to be used by new generation doctors who like to leverage the latest technology as well as passion to help people across Bangladesh and around the world. Our platform accommodates all required pre requisite like appointment scheduling, payment collection and best of class video technology, so that doctors can concentrate on providing care to their patients. While we take care of technical and logistics hassle. We don’t claim ourselves to be the best, but we tried to be the most user friendly to our users.

Backed by a company established in Singapore, which is famous for her superb technological and financial infrastructure with technology friendly policy, we like to request you to use our service at least once to judge the quality of our service, both as care giver and care taker.

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On Demand Video Consultation


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If you like to Know

How Video Consultation Helps Patients ?

Telemedicine gives patients the opportunity to receive care without a trip to the doctor’s office. They don’t waste time in traveling or waiting in long queue. They don’t risk exposure to other patients with communicable illnesses.

Why Sickbay?

Top-rated doctors around the world

No risk of exposure, travel or ques for Video consultancy

Complete confidentiality and security of all your data

All your medical data readily available in one place

How it works?



Experience One-Stop Care

Consult online with our highly qualified experienced doctors with SickBay from the comfort of your home. Talk to specialist doctors via video call and receive instant health and medical consultation.


Your Health At Your Fingertips

With Sickbay, search the best doctors by city, speciality or health conditions. Seamlessly book an appointment and receive instant confirmation along with doctor details via SMS.Get digital prescriptions in the app and keep those safely for future use. You’ll also <receive reminders for medicines, follow-ups, upcoming appointments, and more if you have the app. 


Are you a doctor wondering

How Video Consultation Helps Doctors?

With Sickbay latest technological advancements, enhance patient care and staff management all on a single platform. 


Go Pro with Telemedicine

SickBay offers a platform to provide online consultation to your patients using our video calling feature. Setup your availability for video consultation in the app and get bookings on specified timings. <br />Our video consultation feature is designed according to Global standard. Patients can book an appointment online and get a video consultation from home. This way, both doctors and patients can avoid the risk of stepping out.


Go Digital with e-Prescriptions

Avoid digging in a pile of health records. Go paperless with SickBay’s digital prescriptions. Dictate prescriptions while talking to the patient and save it forever. Share digital prescriptions with your patients in just one click via our mobile app. Enhance patient experience by providing access to their documents through the app.
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Treat Patients with Social Distancing

Provide consultation to the patients without a fear of infection. Allow your patients to book online consultation and get treatment while staying home. <Show your patients that you care! Help your patients avoid visiting crowded hospitals / clinics. Enriching their experience will help you go a long way! 


Security Guaranteed

Data security is our highest priority. Role based access, high level of data encryption, secure cloud backup keeps your data safe. We diligently work towards ensuring 24×7 data availability.

With SickBay secure servers, you don’t have to worry about data privacy issues. Our servers are secure with 256-bit encryption meaning no one other than you can understand the data. Our stringent data privacy policies helps no transmission of data to any third party.


See What Our Patients Have To Say

Sickbay has excellent features and awesome support staff. Video consultation is really smooth &amp; the dues reporting is quite helpful. They are always available to solve your doubts. I wish them all the best.
- "Rashid Ul Hasan"
Online Consultation services from Sickbay are excellent. I have guided all my patients to not step out during the pandemic and take video consultations from home. It has really helped them.
- "Hasib Chowdhury"